For almost a decade CPAWS has observed a significant shift in Parks Canada’s approach to managing our national parks, away from their legislative first priority of protecting nature, towards a more tourism and marketing focused agenda which is putting wildlife and wilderness in our national parks at risk. National parks are places where people can enjoy and appreciate protected nature in ways that leave them “unimpaired” for the benefit of future generations of Canadians. To fulfil this promise, Parks Canada is tasked with carefully managing our national parks to ensure their ecological integrity is protected first and foremost. Unfortunately, in the past few years, CPAWS has noted the following trends in Parks Canada’s management of our national parks: 1. More behind-closed-door decision-making, with less public engagement, and a growing disregard for public feedback in decisions; 2. An increasing focus on tourism, marketing, increased visitation, supporting non naturefocused recreational activities, and revenue generation, without adequate attention to the implications this might have for the parks’ ecological integrity; and 3. Decisions being made that contravene existing policies and legislation specifically designed to limit development and protect ecological integrity in our national parks.


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